All the benefits of deionized water without the ridiculous costs.

No capital investment, maintenance, labor or chemical costs, or wastewater treatment problems.

  1. Features

    Our DI systems feature a charge ion exchange resin. This reduces mineral ions from water, improves water quality and reduces scale buildup, improving commercial and industrial operations.

  2. Benefits

    Provides high-quality water for specialized applications without capital investment. Regeneration or exchange provided by Culligan of Vero Beach. This system reduces on-site labor and regenerant chemical handling. We offer a configuration of weal-base or strong-base resin tanks.

  3. Advantages of PEDI Systems

    PEDI systems reduce both positively and negatively charged ions from water by means of ion exchange resins. We also offer portable exchange softening (PES) systems, which deliver a constant supply of soft water to small and large operations, without a capital investment.

  4. Automatic Deionization

    Automatic DI is a proven, cost-effective component in an integrated Culligan system for improved commercial and industrial quality. Its corrosion-resistant construction features a pumped regenerant system for consistent dosing. The system automatically rinses until your desired effluent quality is reached.